Christmas is Coming!

When you’re from Canada, Christmas equals cold, crisp air and snow-covered streets {or at least tons of rain and regular frosts if you’re from Vancouver}.  Needless to say, that’s not the kind of weather we’re currently experiencing here in Kuwait.  In fact, I’m fairly certain that this is the warmest December we’ve experienced in our six years here.  Normally by this time of year, we’re wearing down vests and shivering during our afternoons in the courtyard, but this year it’s regularly been 21 to 24 ºC for the majority of the day, which makes getting into the holiday season sort of tricky.  Don’t get me wrong – we’re certainly trying.  Our advent calendar activities have been helping us along, but it wasn’t until today that I think it finally sunk in… Christmas is coming!

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Because some of our friends are already starting to leave Kuwait for Christmas holidays, today was our play school co-op’s {wonderful} Christmas celebration. In preparation, Miss G and I hit the day running.  First, we put the finishing touches on a couple of new holiday-themed play dough kits we put together {more on both to come}…

IMG 6164

IMG 6167

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As well as put the finishing touches on the mini play dough kits she chose to gift her fellow co-op friends with.  This time around she decided that she wanted to do a mix, so we made some ‘bake a gingerbread person’ kits, some ‘build a snowman’ kits, and some ‘decorate a Christmas tree’ kits.

IMG 6175

Grae was very pleased with how they all turned out.

IMG 6177

IMG 6182

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While she did some independent reading, I made sure we had everything we needed for a couple of ornament creation stations we offered to bring along…  Both were baking soda clay ornaments – one gingerbread-scented and one coloured green and mint-scented.  Along with all of the goodies in the tray, I brought our favourite all-purpose craft glue {Aleene’s Tacky Glue}, cotton swabs, and styrofoam fruit trays I hoard as I can’t stand to throw them in the garbage before at least getting some use out of them.

IMG 6187

IMG 6188

Before heading out the door, Miss G happily gobbled up two leftover reindeer pancakes and then we were on the way!

IMG 6195

IMG 6225

IMG 6236

IMG 6242

The party was an absolute blast.  Our friends who hosted have an amazing kids’ space and honestly, Grae would have been more than happy to play in their playroom for the entire visit.  Mix in a handprint tree art project, musical performances with a friend, and some ornament decorating and my girl didn’t want to leave.

IMG 6254

Not to mention that we got a surprise visit from this jolly old fellow.

IMG 6268

IMG 6286

IMG 6288

Grae was as shy as I expected her to be, but with me beside her, she went up to Santa, gave him a high five, and collected a Frozen-inspired gift bag that ended up having a very long Elsa-inspired cape inside.  {Santa sure knows the way to this little lady’s heart. ☺}

It was a really wonderful morning, and I think it’s safe to say that both Grae and I are feeling the Christmas spirit now.


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  1. Do you mind sharing where the container from the first picture is from? It’s the bigger 5 compartment clear one.

  2. Absolutely love every bit of this! Would you mind sharing where the containers were purchased or what brand they are?

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