Reindeer Pancakes

Reindeer Pancakes | Mama Papa Bubba FBOh my goodness…  Miss G and I have been having way too much fun with our advent activities this year!  I’m so thankful that I created all of our advent activity cards ahead of time – having them pre-made and ready in a jar has saved me tons of time already, and I never have to worry about coming up with a fun idea because the ideas are already right there in front of me.

IMG 5694

At night when I get her little advent snowman ready, I lift our little snowman’s hat, place an activity card inside, and often times add a little something that will help us complete our task of the day.  This is what went into last night’s snowman….  At the time, I had no idea how we’d make reindeer pancakes, but I knew we’d figure it out.

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I’d seen these fun reindeer pancakes in the past, but since we don’t do bacon, I wanted to skip that.  With keeping it simple at the very top of the priority list, Gracen and I whipped up a batch of our very favourite wholewheat flax and oat pancake batter {but blended our oats into flour first} and grabbed a squeeze bottle with a wide opening at the tip.  To make them, I started by making a regular round pancake, but dragged the batter down at the bottom just a a little to form sort of an upside down tear shape.  Then, using our trusty squeeze bottle, I added to very simple antlers and two little ears to the top.  I let them cook just a little longer than I usually would and carefully flipped them over to cook the other side when it was time.

IMG 5695

As the reindeer pancakes were made, my little sous chef added dark chocolate chip noses {blueberries would also be great} and raspberry noses. {The one closest to her in the photo above is Rudolph, fyi.  The others are all just regular reindeers, obviously.}

IMG 5685

IMG 5686

Just for fun, we also experimented with adding some freshly whipped cream to our reindeer’s eyes, which was also pretty cute.

IMG 5688

IMG 5690

Aren’t they almost too adorable to eat?

IMG 5692

Well Miss G didn’t think so, because she devoured FOUR of them!

IMG 5693

These were so fun and so easy to make that we’ll definitely have them again before Christmas, and they’re definitely going to be on next year’s advent activity list too!

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