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Painting on Snow | Mama Papa Bubba

After our recent attempt at painting on snow turned out to be painting on ice, we decided to give snow painting another go this morning.

IMG 7512

What else are you to do when you wake up to {another} fresh blanket of snow, right?

IMG 7521

While Grae collected snow in our rectangular baking dish…

IMG 7518

IMG 7519

I prepped our paints.  Just like last time, we used acrylics and watered them down to a watercolour-like consistency.  Again, we probably would have used washable tempera paints if at home, but when you’re on vacation, you use what you have.

IMG 7523

With our snow packed down and smoothed out, Grae began painting.

IMG 7525

Turns out, painting on snow is quite different than painting on ice!

IMG 7532

The snow slurped up the paint like crazy, making it fun to layer it on and experiment with different intensities.

IMG 7534

Grae also noticed that using the layering technique, she could create new colours.  {Check out that purple dot in the centre – pretty cool, right?}

IMG 7536

Despite the fact that we were able to rinse the paint off and try the process a second time when painting on ice, painting on snow actually held Miss G’s attention for quite a bit longer.  I don’t know if it was just her mood or her obsession with snow, but she really, really enjoyed it.

IMG 7538

Here’s her finished product.  Pretty, isn’t it?


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