Squirt Gun Painting

Squirt Gun Painting | Mama Papa BubbaThough this afternoon’s squirt gun painting wasn’t planned, a monstrous hour and 45 minute clean-up after quiet play time didn’t leave us much time before dinner, so we ditched our other {more involved} painting plans and tried something super simple and quick to set up!

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All we did was grab our brand new collection of Sax watercolours {love them so far!}, plus a big piece of white foam board and a few dollar store squirt guns we already had on hand, and we were ready to go.

IMG 2481

Since it was a little bit breezy and our foam board kept wanting to topple over forwards, we secured it to the fence with a couple long pieces of painter’s tape before getting started.

IMG 2485

Then I simply put a small amount of our liquid watercolours into one of the squirt guns, and let Miss G loose!

IMG 2487

The results were spectacular right from the start.  I LOVE how vibrant and colourful liquid watercolours are!

IMG 2491

As Grae emptied her squirt gun, I’d ask her which colour she’d like next, fill up another gun, and let her add to her art piece.

IMG 2499

Before long, the foam board was mostly covered with sprays of vibrant colour, so we decided to switch the board around in order to avoid having two white spots where the tape had been.

IMG 2501

Grae added a few more layers of colour, and then decided her piece was done.

IMG 2504

In the end, our hands were covered in splotches of colour, but what I love about liquid watercolours is that the stains very easily wash off.  {I’m looking at my hands now and you’d never be able to tell that just a few hours ago they were almost completely blue.}  Now if you don’t have liquid watercolours {they’re difficult to find and I know they’re a bit of a splurge}, you could certainly use just slightly watered down food colouring, or watered down tempera paint, but I’m not sure that either would give results as vibrant as watercolours.

IMG 2507

Here’s Miss G’s finished piece…  Her plan is to print off a photo or two {she’s currently deciding between a picture of her Kuwait friends or the photo of her colourful hands above}, glue it on the centre of the painting, and hang it up in her new room in Vancouver. ☺


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