Baby Brother & Big Sis… Twinning!

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Miss G’s dream situation in life currently is that she and her baby brother would wear matching outfits {or at the very least – coordinating outfits} every day of the week.  And while I’m 100% onboard with the idea, it’s not that easy because a) the whole boy / girl thing, and b) the 5 year age gap.  

BUT – I’m slowly finding and making note of {mostly smaller, more gender neutral} companies that sell coordinating pieces for wee babes and their older siblings, and I’m fairly certain that things don’t get sweeter than these matching penguin tees.

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Just look at these two, will you?!  I do realize that I’m extremely biased, but I’m fairly sure that they’re the cutest pair ever.

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The best part is that those sweet little penguins are more than just cute – they represent acceptance, compassion, and empathy, all while lending support to at risk teens.  You can find out more and order here:


Miss G’s baseball tee  |  Baby Sam’s little onesie

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One thought on “Baby Brother & Big Sis… Twinning!

  1. Sam is incredible! “More” was the first word my grandchild signed. It always happened during meals. We would chuckle. He started saying he wanted more as soon as we placed the spoon in his mouth. He merely tells us now that he is three.

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