Printable Evening Routine Chart

Printable Evening Routine Chart | Mama Papa Bubba

September’s in full swing and with both Brad and Grae back at school, we’re getting back on track after a pretty laid back summer…  Efficient mornings, weekly meal plans, early bedtimes – they’re all happening {and going pretty well, thankfully}.

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Bedtime is sometimes the most chaotic time of day in our house {that or dinnertime}, and while Brad and I have a pretty decent divide-and-conquer thing going on, there are days when I have to do it on my own.  It seems simple enough, but what makes it tricky is that both kiddos need to be in bed quite early and their rooms are on different floors {I know… The different floor thing isn’t optimal.  We have this video monitor that literally allows me to sleep at night}.  So when I take Sam upstairs to change him, do his little massage, nurse him, and rock him to sleep, I’m on a totally different floor and unable to encourage Grae though all of the things she needs to do.  What’s a mama to do, right?

IMG 9529

Well, since our morning routine chart works so well for us, I decided that I’d make an evening version to use on nights when we need Miss G to get ready for bed a little more independently.

IMG 9401

IMG 9404

And just like I did with our printable morning routine chart, I used these super handy self-adhesive laminating sheets to make our evening routine chart more durable.

IMG 9416

IMG 9415

In the past, Miss G has used double-sided dry erase markers to either cross off or colour in tasks as she completes them, but this time around, she’s been really loving using our sparkly pompom magnets with the chart on the fridge.

IMG 9540

Of course if you don’t laminate it, it can also be a colouring page evening routine chart too.

IMG 9550

However you choose to use it, here’s to easier bedtimes!

Get your own copy of our evening routine chart here:

Evening Routine Chart | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

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7 thoughts on “Printable Evening Routine Chart

  1. Well, isn’t it fortunate that you’ve brought her up in such a way that she can follow instruction fairly easily and loves schedules and “activities”. You should be really proud of yourself. This would make things a lot easier I’m sure and she dotes on her little brother so kind of “gets” that she’s the older sister and has more responsibility. Mine on the other hand … Hmmm … Well, she’s getting MUCH better I have to say. I was completely shocked this morning that I didn’t need to ask her twice but then she lost if because she wanted a chocolate bar (dates, cacao, cashews in a bar) after she’d cleaned her teeth, just as we were about to leave??? I NEVER let her have that kind of thing for breakfast. It’s only a snack she gets after kindy if at all! Inevitably, we were very late! I think she was tired. I was emotionally exhausted by the time I got her there.

  2. Perfect timing! I had planned to print out and implement your morning routine printable in our house and voilà you provided your readers with a coordinating evening chart. Thank you for your kindness and the endless inspiration.

  3. I’m having trouble downloading the printables? After following your instructions nothing happens. What is the next step?

  4. Thank you!
    Chore Charts is really work.
    I am a single mother with three children all of them of preschool age so I know how important keeping organised. The evening and morning routine is important. In the evening, children collect backpacks and prepare clothes. They Wake up in the morning, wash their face, brush their teeth, make the bed, etc. We use the Manini app and we have set up a morning and evening routine. Children see tasks, complete them, and mark them as completed. It is a huge relief for parents and children when the morning starts easily.

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