Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar Notes

Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar Notes | Mama Papa Bubba

My goodness. How on earth is it already the end of November?? Seriously though.  I feel like it was just Halloween and now we’re already gearing up for Christmas holidays.  This year, after the insanity that was last year’s Christmas, we’re keeping things simple.  Like super simple.  We’re going away to a cozy little cabin just the four of us, we’re skipping actual presents and doing stockings only, and we’re not doing much of anything – we’re just going to soak up our first Christmas as a family of four with both of our babies at home with us. I can’t wait. 

We’re also going to spend the month of December focusing on spreading love, cheer, and kindness to others.  Because not only does the world need a little more kindness, but our home does too.  We absolutely loved counting down to Christmas with the help of our printable advent calendar cards focused on fun, family, and kindness a couple of years ago, but this holiday season I really want it to be all about showing kindness and graciousness to others.  To make it really easy, I created a set of 48 acts of kindness advent calendar notes that are already cut out and ready to go come December.  The notes leave the date open, so I can pick and choose which ones I want to do, depending on what we have planned or what I feel Miss G is needing on that particular day.

IMG 1737

If you’d like to use our printable acts of kindness advent calendar notes too, you can download a printable PDF file by popping over to CBC Parents and clicking on the link in our Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar post.

I hope they bring a little bit of extra joy to your holiday season this year!

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5 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar Notes

  1. I LOVE this idea. And your plans for Christmas sound amazing! I just read Ann Voskamp’s new book ‘The broken way’, and your post reminds me of it, it is about brokeness (you went through a lot this time last year), and about Christ meeting us in our brokeness. It is all about becoming a gift to others, doing unexpected acts of kindness, how it doesn’t only bless others, but ourselves too! I know you’re going to have sooo much fun doing this! And what a great example to our kids. Thank you Jen! Be blessed.

  2. I love this idea I have already printed and cut them out for my 4 kids! I would love to add a few more is there any possibility of getting an editable template? Thank You

  3. Lovely idea! Sounds like you are heading for a perfect simple and cosy Christmas – the best kind. We just moved to Vancouver Island from the UK – so this is our first Christmas without family nearby – we are planning something similar, just us and the children.

  4. Wonderful social learning tool! Schools should take note of this and send it home with students to encourage parent support. I’m proud that my youngest son is a gentleman and has this behavior year round. It’s a joy to go to a store or another community place where he races ahead to hold the door open for all of us entering. Including strangers ahead of us. He helps guide new students at his school and walks the kindergarten children to their classes.Today he brought in two bags for the Thanksgiving food drive. These things make a difference in society. I hope your calendar spreads the acts of kindness further when we need it most.

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