This morning the sun was shining and we decided to get out and enjoy it by heading down to the river…

IMG 2751It’s beautiful, quiet, and there’s lots of space for little G to roam around.  One thing’s for sure – this little lady is not a scaredy cat.  She’ll bravely wander off without so much as a glance back.  As a little experiment, we decided to hang back and see how far she’d go before turning around and realizing we were not right there beside her, but that never happened.  She just kept on cruising away from us without a care in the world (terrifying, I know)…

IMG 2757Eventually, Papa had to go, rein her back in, and direct her attention to the little playground she coasted right by.

IMG 2776This playground is very unique in that it’s made of almost solely local driftwood.

IMG 2771Pretty cool, eh?

IMG 2792After getting our fill on the driftwood playground, we walked along the riverfront until we reached the next playground.  Gracen loved this tube slide, and somehow she and Papa convinced me to go down the slide with her despite the fact that I could come nowhere near to sitting up inside.  There are some photos of the incident, but let me tell you – they aren’t pretty.  Rest assured that I’m doing you a favour by not posting them.  :)

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