To the Beach with Manmaw

Today we headed down to our favourite beach to enjoy our last couple of hours with Grandma Charlotte.  We played on the playground for a little bit and then made our way to the walking path (towards Cornwall Ave and Starbucks), to which Gracen immediately exclaimed, “Drink! Drink!”, knowing that a steamed milk with cinnamon was in her near future…  Smart little cookie!  Puppy kisses, puddle jumping, sea glass collecting, and extreme swinging were also involved.  Here’s the proof:

IMG 6951Mondern merry-go-rounding.

IMG 6956A dreary day treat.

IMG 6958Splish splash.

IMG 6970Searching for something special.

IMG 6973With Papa’s help.

IMG 6983Taking it all in.

IMG 6985“Catching Papa”.

IMG 6997Extreme swinging, courtesy of Gma Char.

IMG 7002‘Hello down there!’

IMG 7007‘Wheeeeeee!’

Our morning ended with a tuckered out little lady falling asleep on the drive home (an hour before her usual nap time), therefore missing out on saying goodbye to her “Manmaw”.  Oopsies.  Although she didn’t wake up desperately searching for Grandma like we thought she might, she did remind us about where Grandma sleeps and where she sits at the table several times throughout the remainder of the day.  Not to worry my sweet girl, Grandma’s last words were, “Make sure that foamie doesn’t go too far – I’ll be back at the end of March!”  Days spent in the backyard gardening with Grandma are coming very soon, Miss G.

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