St. Paddy’s Day

Today Grae and I had a busy day filled with all things green.  It started out with a happy little munchkin waking up extra early and extra hungry, so we got to it and prepared a green breakfast.IMG 7844

Finding something green to wear was a bit of a challenge as this little lady has very little green in her closet, but it was nothing a ridiculously big green bow couldn’t fix.  It was so adorable in fact, that we ended up having a little impromptu St. Patty’s Day photo shoot.

IMG 7858IMG 7852
IMG 7856

The weather forecast called for a rainy, snowy morning, but by 9:30, neither had made an appearance so we packed up our things and headed down to Granville Island to get some fresh air and do some exploring.  We picked up our usual Granville Island treats (Terra Bread cheese flutes for G and a coffee for Mama) and headed to the playground where Gracen played in sand, slid on repeat, and made some friends.

IMG 7867IMG 7868IMG 7871IMG 7873Afterwards we headed back to the Public Market area and visited the birds, boats, and performers like usual.  IMG 7880IMG 7885IMG 7887IMG 7896Apparently Grae was pooped after a crisp morning outdoors because she was out like a light after just a minute in the car.

IMG 7912

After a great nap, I prepared lunch while Gracen begged for pieces of green onion below me.  I ended up giving her a whole green onion and the little monkey was pleased as punch, headed to the living room with it, and chowed down.  Luckily she saved enough room for our green lunch.IMG 7914IMG 7934
The afternoon turned out to be beautiful too, so we took advantage of it and headed outside to do some art.  Grae was beyond excited to use bingo dabbers (sadly, we didn’t have green, so we ended up with blue and rainbow coloured shamrocks, but oh well…) and dug the sidewalk chalk as usual.

IMG 7947IMG 7949By late afternoon, G had worked up an appetite, so we whipped up a quick green smoothie to hit the  spot.IMG 7997
Shortly after, it was time for our last green meal of the day.  Of course this little monkey carefully picked out and ate each pine nut and avocado chunk before eating anything else.IMG 8020IMG 8024

Gracen’s second St. Patrick’s Day… Whew!  How things have changed in a quick year.  Just take a look at my chubby-cheeked, spiky-haired little munchkin last year.

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