Miss Personality

Gracen was born expressive (you can see examples here, here, here, and here), but recently  it seems that she’s begun exploding with personality. It’s just the sweetest thing to watch our baby growing up to be a little lady with a personality all her own.  More than anything, she loves to please.  She is gentle, kindhearted, and truly loves to share and make others happy.

She also knows just what she wants.  And these days, that’s to do everything on her own (payback time, Mama).  “Grae Grae”, meaning Grae Grae puts on her pants by herself or Grae Grae walks down the slippery wet steps on her own or Grae Grae puts the books away without help or Grae Grae picks out her own clothes, is heard countless times throughout our days.  And in all honesty, although it means our little girl is growing up, I love it.  I love that she wants to be independent.  I love that she’s up for a challenge.  And I love that  she has likes and opinions of her own.

But perhaps the most entertaining part of her emerging personality is her newfound sense of humour.  You can just see her trying be funny and then pausing to enjoy the laughter that follows.  A prime example was today when I asked her to stop and smile for a photo.  Here’s what I got instead:

IMG 0438IMG 0439IMG 0440IMG 0441What a silly little duck.  I absolutely love our little girl and her emerging personality.  

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