A New Playground

Have I mentioned how much I love taking Miss G to new parks and playgrounds?  I don’t know what it is, because we have plenty of great favourites already, but I feel like I’m always driving around with my playground radar in full effect.  I’ll spot one in the distance, take a quick survey (Saucer swing – score! FOUR slides – sweet!  Check out that merry-go-round!), make note of the location, and add it to my mental list of places to visit soon.  (Oh, the things that get you excited as a mommy!)

Anyways, I scoped out this beauty of a playground a few weeks ago, and we just got to visiting it this afternoon.  It was well worth the wait, let me tell you.  The school it belongs to (Dr. Annie B. Jamieson) doesn’t look like much.  It’s not new or fancy, but its playground sure is!  It’s actually two separate playgrounds – one that is geared more towards older kids, and one towards younger ones.  There are multiple swing sets, a saucer swing, one of the safest seeming merry-go-rounds I’ve come across, FIVE slides, and some really cool climbing apparatuses. Not to mention that it’s located right in / next to a park with a giant green space, a walking path, and an outdoor fitness park much like the one in our favourite Kuwait park. (Oh, Kuwait…  How I miss you sometimes…)

Of course I took about a million photographs while there.  Here are a select “few”:
IMG 1767All about spinning.

IMG 1771Sliding.

IMG 1776Trying to balance like Papa.

IMG 1783Swinging froggy-style.

IMG 1788Wheee!

IMG 1795Mama’s turn.

IMG 1805Just chillin’.

IMG 1816Little climber.

IMG 1821‘I’d be much happier if I had some company on this cool merry-go-round’…

IMG 1825Somehow I got convinced.  Barf.

IMG 1835Our favourite – a saucer swing!IMG 1838


IMG 1840Riding on her “bell buh” (bellybutton), as she calls it.

IMG 1858Her favourite way to ride… While someone sang Rock a Bye Baby of course.

IMG 1861I think we nearly put her to sleep!  Time for dinner, a bath, and bedtime.

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  1. This is amazing! We found a new park today, and it’s always super exciting! I haven’t seen any parks around us with merry-go-rounds or saucer swings yet. That would make the kids ecstatic!

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