A Painting Project

The other day, while shopping for craft supplies, Miss G spotted a shelf of mini wooden bird houses and immediately got excited.  Having painted her own bird house before, she knew exactly what these unfinished little bird homes meant – getting messy and having fun, painting-style.  Knowing that her cousins would be arriving in a few days, we decided to pick up four.  Gracen was very serious about selecting four different houses and was just as excited to choose paintbrushes, paint, and bird seed.  Upon returning home {to Grandma’s house}, I quietly tucked the bag of goodies away until the cousins arrived and we were in need of an activity.

IMG 5975With an hour or so to spare this morning and a little drizzle falling from the sky, we decided it was a good time to bring out the supplies.  We set up shop out on Grandma Sue’s patio and let the kiddos dive in.

IMG 5974

IMG 5990Grae was an old pro.  She very seriously collected paint on her brush and stroked it onto her house, trying to fill in all of the spaces.

IMG 5980IMG 5993Korbin had a plan. Each side would be a separate colour. And when he had finished that task, he brushed some white over top to “make it look cooler”.

IMG 5972IMG 5986Miss Kins had never painted before, and although she dived in eagerly, she wasn’t thrilled about getting paint on herself.  She painted a little bit of the roof, and then called it quits.

IMG 5991IMG 5995Chay didn’t join us immediately, but once he saw what was going on, he was up at the table in no time and was all about painting the inside of his house.

IMG 5985

IMG 5996

 Taa-daaa!  The finished products.  I’d say the birds will be flocking to these little masterpieces, wouldn’t you?

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