Monkey Business

Tonight, while preparing dinner, Gracen came into the kitchen and asked for apple treats (dried apple pear slices from our backyard tree) as a snack. Dinner was still a ways off, so I agreed and she retrieved the large ziploc bag of them from the cupboard.  Now normally, I would take a few out and put them in a bowl for her, but since I was elbow deep in raw chicken (ew – the one thing I detest about cooking), I let her walk out with the entire bag.  The house was quiet afterwards, and presumably my Little Miss had gone back to reading, this time while enjoying some dried fruit.  I continued about my dinner making and a few more minutes later, Grae came into the kitchen, opened the garbage can, and placed the empty large ziploc bag inside and announced, “All done!”  I was about to applaud her for remembering to put her garbage away, and then it hit me… It was a big bag filled with a massive amount of dried apples. There was no way  she had polished them off in one sitting.  So where were they then?  Upon asking, she broke out into a fit of giggles and shouted “Clum!” (come).  I followed her to her bedroom to find this…

IMG 7954IMG 7951Doesn’t she look concerned about the mess she’s made?! Ya, right. After a little chat about dumping food all over the floors, we agreed that we needed to get a bag so that she could pick them all up.  

IMG 7957IMG 7958IMG 7960

IMG 7961I left her in her room, with her bag and apple-covered carpet sneaking peeks {and photos} from the doorway every now and then.  And you know what? The little monkey picked every single last apple up without any help or reminding.

Problem solved, I went back to my cooking and she went back to her playing…

Until I went to talk to her a few minutes later and couldn’t find her, that is.  As a last resort, I opened our bedroom door, and guess who I found…  

IMG 7963The little monkey back at it!  She had opened our bedroom door (this is new – up until now, she just respected the fact that a door was closed and continued about her merry way), closed it behind her, climbed up onto our bed, and made herself comfy with Papa’s iPad.  Goodness gracious!

Not to mention the fact that our day started out with her creating this smashing outfit for herself (pajama shirt, tights, sparkly shoes, and a swim hat at the time) and  her announcing that she was ready to go for a bike ride.

Oh, and I can’t forget the fact that the day’s been littered with “buzz off’s”, a choice phrase that sounds strangely like her Grandma Charlotte, due to a fly being in the house.

Oh, the monkey business!

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