iPhoneography // Seaside Silhouettes

Over the course of the past few weekends, I’ve participated in an Instagram photo challenge hosted by awesome fellow mommy and vancouvermom.ca Top 30 Blogger, Natalia, who blogs at natnanton.com.  The series, entitled Through Mama’s Eyes, provides moms with a creative challenge and cultivates community amongst inspired mamas.  

On Friday, Nat presents a theme in the form of a hashtag via her blog.  Throughout the weekend, participating mamas take photos that show their interpretations of the theme and include the hashtag in their photos’ captions.  Then, on Monday, Nat showcases a few of her favourites on her blog (Grae’s photo was featured in her #inmidtwirl showcase here). It’s fun, it’s easy to participate in, and the photos can be of anything – not just your child(ren).

This weekend’s theme was #TMEICsilhouette.  I wasn’t sure I’d be able to capture a good silhouette of Miss G as she goes to bed early, and often the evening {just as the sun is beginning to set} is the best time to catch crisp silhouette photos. (I know I could take photos of other things, but let’s face it… Grae is the only thing I really take photos of these days. ☺) But tonight, when we found ourselves on an impromptu visit to White Rock Beach, the lighting was perfect, and so was Miss G’s position.  Here are a few my favourites…

IMG 5154Ocean-dipped toes.

IMG 5147Papa and his girl.

IMG 5148Wading in.

If you’re an Instagram-loving mama, be sure to join in next weekend.  Everyone is welcome!  Just visit www.natnanton.com on Friday to find out the theme, and then tag away.

 Photos edited with Instagram. Find me under jkossowan.

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