IMG 7446Parmesan and walnut encrusted chicken, roasted brussel sprouts, steam golden beets with feta, cheese ravioli with herbs and spices from Italy.

Tonight, just after sitting down to dinner after a busy (and tiring) day, Gracen, completely unprompted says in the softest, most genuine way…

“Good job, Mama. Dis is a nice dinner, Mama.” 


She takes a bite and then says…

“It’s a YUMMY dinner.”


Thanks, sweet girl.  Sometimes you know just what a mama needs.

4 thoughts on “A Compliment

  1. Isn’t it sweet when they do that? I have no idea when it started, but when we sit down to dinner Elliot always says ‘Thank you mummy, thank you for this’ very seriously. Though nothing will beat the time he said to me ‘Mummy, you lie down, I make dinner.’ I wish!

    1. Haha! Thanks, Peggy! I don’t know how I came up with it… These are the things that happen when it’s 5 p.m. and I haven’t started cooking yet – I put random things on a plate and call it done! ;)

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