Snow Dough {for 4}

I loved this simple variation on the usual cloud dough, and today I simplified it even further for some messy morning sensory play with the cousins.  To create some “snow dough” of our own, I simply made our usual cloud/moon dough and dumped in a couple of small bottles of silvery light blue glitter.  A fun way to kickstart the New Year, right?

Though I could have added more festive / wintery items (mini evergreen trees, plastic animals, snowman accessories, etc.) to the sensory bin, I just stuck to the usuals this time around… Plastic cups, bowls, spoons, and cookie cutters and the kiddos loved it.

IMG 4042

Three of the four munchkins were very eager to join.

IMG 4052

Let the fun begin!

IMG 4053

The sparkles are hard to see, but if you look closely, you should be able to spot them.

IMG 4048

Kinslee digging in.

IMG 4066

The fourth monkey just couldn’t resist the fun.

IMG 4076

Snow dough toes. ☺

IMG 4072

Korbin was a master moulder.

IMG 4073

A girl who isn’t afraid to get messy.

IMG 4075

Snow dough smoothie, anyone?

IMG 4085

Experimenting with snow dough snowmen…

IMG 4089

A safer building site.

IMG 4090

Snowballs stacked.

IMG 4097

Ummm, Grae… What happened to your hair?

IMG 4098

Who says the snow dough has to stay in the bin?

IMG 4103

Mission accomplished!

IMG 4104

This explains things.


Sparkly Snow Dough (we doubled this recipe for a group of 4 children)

  • 8 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 1 cup of baby oil (or other oil)
  • 1 small container of white/silver/blue glitter

Mix with your hands or a whisk until ingredients are evenly distributed.  Play!

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