Island Bound

Gracen’s been talking about ‘riding a ferry boat’ everyday since we told her we’d be taking one over to Victoria for part of spring break, and today it was nonstop.  While we were getting ready, while we were packing up the vehicle, while we were driving to Tsawwassen, and while were were waiting for our scheduled departure, it was constant ferry boat talk.  Mostly of the ‘I want to go on the ferry boat riiiiight now’ variety.  

When we were finally aboard the boat, it was all about exploring.  The restaurants, the arcade, the kids’ play area, the viewing decks – she wanted to see them all.  So that’s just what we did.  
IMG 6777IMG 6783IMG 6778IMG 6805IMG 6789IMG 6801The trip flew by quickly and before we knew it we were off to find the apartment we’ll be staying at for the next few days.  Here’s to spending the week in Victoria.  I’m hoping that there is plenty of exploring, relaxing, and outdoors in our near future.  ☺


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