Toddler Food: What Miss G Eats {28}

Toddler FoodWhew!  It’s been a while…  A very long while since our last Toddler Food post.  Realistically, here’s some of what Miss G ate a month or two ago.  ☺

IMG 4525Breakfast // Cinnamon french toast made with wholewheat shepherd’s bread, stewed blueberries, and chia.  Orange slices.

IMG 4641Breakfast // Coconut chia pudding with strawberry slices and raw sliced almonds.

IMG 4332Breakfast // Oatmeal with raw sliced almonds, chia, hemp hearts, and frozen blueberries.  Orange pepper slices.

IMG 4697Breakfast // Organic brown rice cereal with sliced almonds, hemp hearts, loads of cinnamon (she’s obsessed!), and almond milk.

IMG 4845Breakfast // Toasted squarely bread, colby cheese, and a scrambled egg. 

IMG 5124Breakfast // Plain organic yogurt, homemade granola, freeze-dried strawberries and blueberries.

IMG 5238Breakfast // Old-fashioned oats with granny smith apples, almond butter, and cinnamon.

IMG 4986Breakfast // Star-shpaed scrambled organic egg.  All-natural peanut butter and old-fashioned oat banana bites.

IMG 4647Green smoothie // Banana, old-fashioned oats, all-natural peanut butter, coconut milk, vanilla, and spinach.

IMG 4695Green smoothie (though not actually green) // Banana, apple, avocado, kale, frozen blueberries, frozen raspberries, chia, and water.

IMG 4847Smoothie // Banana, pear, apple, frozen blueberries, steamed beets, chia seeds, and water.

IMG 4815Snack // Homemade apple carrot pear fruit leather.

IMG 5057Snack // Homemade wholewheat cheddar crackers.

IMG 4848Snacks & Lunch {on the go} // Baby carrots.  Orange chunks.  Homemade banana berry fruit leather.  Cashew pieces.  Avocado.  Hard-boiled organic egg.  Orzo with feta.

IMG 5242Lunch {on the go} // Mixed fruit.  Homemade banana berry fruit leather.  Homemade wholewheat cheddar crackers.  Raw almonds.  Avocado, cucumber, and cream cheese roll-ups.

IMG 4746Lunch // Tuna and avocado on wholewheat rye.  Baby carrots.

IMG 4824Lunch // Red lentil pasta and cheese.  Baby peas and corn with dill.

IMG 4840Lunch // Grilled all-natural peanut butter and no-sugar-added jam sandwich (an oddly delicious favourite from my childhood).

IMG 5107Lunch // Curried tuna apple salad on a wholewheat croissant.  Strawberry chunks.  Grapes.

PhotoLunch {on the go} // Red pepper slices.  Cucumber slices.  Grapes. Strawberries.  Avocado.  Edamame crackers with organic cheddar.

IMG 5331Dinner // Personal turkey meatloaf.  Mashed potatoes.  Roasted carrots.  Roasted Brussels sprouts.

IMG 4524Dinner // Homemade chicken tenders.  Steamed carrots and snap peas with fresh herbs.  Roasted baby potatoes.  Homemade honey mustard sauce.

IMG 4588Dinner // Wholewheat fusilli with fresh spinach and all-natural chicken sausage in a clear sauce.

IMG 5105Dinner // Harvest grains, edamame, steamed carrots and snap peas with grilled prawns.

IMG 5108Dinner // Homemade mulligatawny with granny smith cubes.

IMG 4556Dinner // Wholewheat couscous. Mini chickpea/veggie patties.  Hummus.

IMG 4751Dinner // Spinach tortellini with carrots, broccoli, edamame, onions, and fresh parmesan.

IMG 4917Dinner // Potato and leek soup with chickpeas and feta.  Grilled cheese on wholewheat shepherd’s bread.

IMG 5031Dinner // White bean chicken chili with colby jack, avocado, and fresh cilantro.

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  1. Such beautiful meals! I love reading those posts. It would be wonderful if more children ate this well….huge kudos to you!!!!

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