Under the Table Fort

Under the Table Fort | Mama Papa BubbaMany days, Miss G wakes up from her nap (though it escaped us again today) with a clear plan for our afternoon.  Today’s request involved building an indoor tent.  No big deal, right?  With limited space, a non-existent wood stash to build a frame with, and an un-napped, slightly impatient toddler on my hands, I opted for the simplest option possible… An under the table fort.  Close enough, right? ☺

IMG 8066While a basic rectangular table with four corner legs would have probably lent itself more graciously to the project, our centre stand table provided an unexpected perk – two separate rooms.  As soon as I mentioned this to Grae, she immediately deemed one of them a reading room and the other a music room.  

IMG 8073Setting up our fort couldn’t have been easier.  We simply moved the chairs into the kitchen, threw a king-sized sheet on top, and moved in a few pillows and blankets to give it a cozy feel.  In the reading room, we added a couple stacks of small books, and in the music room, we added a xylophone, a microphone, and Grae’s ‘DJ headphones’ (actually noise-cancelling headphones from when we went to the Patriots game).  It could have been more simple to set up, but G was pleased as punch with her new hideout.  It was the perfect project for an afternoon like today’s, and we’ll definitely be remembering this for our next string of rainy days. 


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