{Halloween-themed} Sensory Play On the Go

Halloween Themed Sensory Play On the Go | Mama Papa Bubba

With an expat moms breakfast 30 to 45 minutes away on tap for early this morning, I wanted to be as organized as possible last night.  I prepped the usual – stainless bottles full of water and a couple of healthy snacks – then went in search of something that Gracen could quietly play with while I chatted with some of the other moms.  Lately, her new unifix cubes have been keeping her incredibly engaged and happy during meals out and over at friends’ houses, but I also don’t want them to lose their magic.  ☺  While digging through our craft shelf, I came across some slime I brought from back home. (Yes, I brought homemade slime from Canada… I don’t know what that says about me, and I’m not sure I want to know either…)  I packed it in one of my favourite interlocking containers from Daiso and then went in search of a couple of things to pair it with.  The result was this little sensory play to go kit, which Gracen just loved.  

IMG 2632

Here’s a closer look at all of the goodies that were included in the kit.  The slime is just our usual sparkly slime recipe, but in green this time around.  On top, I snuck in a few teeny silicon muffin cups and tiny little gelato spoon.  The orange stuff is our awesome pumpkin spice play dough made with real pumpkin (yes – it’s still alive and kicking!), plus some candy corn picks and another gelato spoon.  The last container housed a bunch of giant googly eyes, as well as some creepy crawlies.

Slime play

After she’d finished with her {amazing looking} fruit platter, I cleared off her spot a little and asked if she’d rather play with the slime or the dough {as the two don’t always mix well}.  She picked the slime and began making these funny little monsters.  Now I realize that many people may think that bringing slime to entertain your kids at a restaurant is a crazy idea, but with the amount that was available and the fact that our recipe provides a nice firm, non-sticky slime, there really wasn’t  a mess at all.  The activity kept Miss G more than happy for the rest of our stay (we didn’t even pull out the play dough) and clean up was a breeze when it was time to go home.

IMG 2645

Miss G enjoyed it so much, in fact, that the first thing she wanted to do once we arrived home was bring her sensory play on-the-go kit back out.

IMG 2636

I always love having something fun in my purse for Grae to enjoy while out, and I can definitely see many more sensory play to go kits in our future.


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  1. LOVE IT!! I always have mini containers of play dough in my purse… and I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten the idea from you. I have mini play dough and some tiny animals, which saved a restaurant boredom situation just the other day! =)

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