Today’s Adventure: Skating

Ugh….  As the end of our vacation nears, I’m trying not to think about the fact that we’ll soon have to say goodbye to this gorgeous city.  We’ve without a doubt been living in a vacation bubble, and I’ve been loving it.

Today, after coffees and pastries, we crossed another big to-do off of our list – skating on the outdoor rink at the base of the castle!  Sadly, Miss G wasn’t all that thrilled with the actual skating part of it, though she did love her little penguin friend.  We finished off the day with an afternoon walk and a visit to the park and came home with that amazing feeling only a day outside in the cool fresh air can give you.

Here’s our day in photos…

IMG 4789

IMG 4791

IMG 4792

IMG 4798

IMG 4829

IMG 4833

IMG 4825

IMG 4821

IMG 4816

IMG 4809

IMG 4812

IMG 4838

IMG 4846

IMG 4851

IMG 4855

IMG 4857

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