What a year it’s been!  2013 was filled with family get togethers, fun trips, big milestones, and huge changes for our little family, and looking back at it all, I’m feeling nothing but extremely grateful.

Here’s our year in review…

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Last year started with us amidst a Christmas road trip that involved 40 hours of driving and visits with every grandparent and as many other family members as possible.  We rang in the New Year with an awesome bonfire and fireworks show my brother put together for all of us.

IMG 4407

As soon as the New Year began, we hopped aboard the green smoothie train and started the majority of 2013’s days with a fruit and veggie-packed drink.

IMG 9078
In January, I took Gracen skating for her very first time.


In February, we announced a  big decision we’d been contemplating for a few months time.

IMG 5264

Knowing what was to come, we made sure to soak up as much of Vancouver as possible and spent many mornings at the city’s parks and beaches.

IMG 5583

Gracen and I also hosted our 3rd annual Valentine’s tea.

IMG 5735
February marked our second round of parent and tot ballet classes and we absolutely loved them!

IMG 5933

Near the end of the month, our little lady officially turned 2 and a half, so we had a little half birthday celebration as we usually do.

IMG 6879

In March, we took advantage of Brad’s long spring break and took a family trip to Victoria.

IMG 7478

We said goodbye to March and welcomed April with a lovely Easter weekend in the Okanagan with Grae’s grandparents and cousins.

IMG 7645
After returning home from our trips, we revamped Gracen’s eclectic little room, said goodbye to her crib, and made space for a floor bed.

IMG 7851
In April, we took our granola cruncher status to a whole new level and began making all of our own household cleaners.

IMG 7937

We also soaked up spring days {and our cherry blossom-lined street} in Vancouver.

IMG 9763

As much as Brad thought I was completely insane, in May Grae started learning how to safely use sharp knives.

Grae and I had a portrait session, just the two of us.

IMG 9975

Later in the month, we made a trip up to the Okanagan to spend a weekend with with Gracen’s Gido.

IMG 8194
A few days after we arrived home, we released the painted lady butterflies we had been raising.

IMG 8310

And shortly after that, Miss G drew her first ever family portrait {Mama heart officially melted}.

IMG 8623

In June we perfected the art of building a no-fuss 5 minute teepee.

IMG 8851

And Grae learned how to spell her name!

IMG 8998

Another big event that month was Grae experiencing her first ever ice cream cone. ☺

IMG 9026

We celebrated Father’s Day with a beach picnic.


And ended the month by going strawberry picking as a family.

Minus Randos

Before long, it was the beginning of July.  Instead of going to the Okanagan like we usually do, we celebrated Canada Day down at Granville Island and went to the Okanagan the next weekend.

IMG 0234

Mid-month, I spent my first ever night / weekend away from Grae and headed up to Whistler with some of my very best girlfriends from high school.

IMG 0211
While I was away, Brad and Grae enjoyed an activity bag a day and she loved them so much that she regularly asks when I’ll go away and leave her activity bags again.

IMG 0398

At the end of July, Brad and I took our first ever trip without Miss G to celebrate the wedding of two of our very dear friends in New York.  Grandma Charlotte came to stay with her, and yes, there was a whole new set of daily activity bags involved. ☺

IMG 0482
Back from our trip and in full-on packing mode, a certain someone tasted her first ever french fry during dinner out one night.

IMG 2739

We packed up our little old house in East Vancouver and said farewell.


Before leaving to Kuwait, we spent a few weeks soaking up country life on Brad’s family’s farm.


Gracen fell in love with kangaroos

Gracens 3rd bday Gracens 3rd bday 0198

And a couple of weeks early, we celebrated the third birthday of our little lady with a Japanese-themed party {post and gorgeous photos by Roz Edge Photography still to come!}

IMG 3154

Before we knew it, it was time to make the long journey to what would be our new home…


After arriving and spending some time unpacking and adjusting our sleep schedules, G and I began spending a whole lot of time exploring our new / old neighbourhood on foot.


Just a few days into our new adventure, our little beauty officially turned 3!


Friday mornings resumed just as they used to be.


After being in Kuwait for over month, we finally got a vehicle and Miss G and I began our daily adventures – freedom!!NewImageBrad went to Nepal and the silly photo exchanges began.


After much contemplation, Miss G decided to be a superhero for Halloween.


In November, Grae officially gave up napping and we came up with a new afternoon routine that works for all of us.


She also got a brand new bike!


In December, with holiday preparations in full swing, Miss G tried her first ever hot cocoa.

IMG 4228

After a couple of weeks filled with gingerbread houses, homemade ornaments, and special events, we found ourselves in the gorgeous little city of Heidelberg, Germany for a wonderfully low-key vacation.

2013, you were very good to us… Now here’s to an equally wonderful 2014!

And to everyone who takes the time to read about our adventures, happy New Year!

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3 thoughts on “Our 2013

  1. Your 2013 year was so nice ! I followed your blog since several months and I am always enjoyed. Gracen looks so smiling and so “gracieuse”. i have 2 girls but now they are 17 1/2 and 16 years old. It’s another adventure that you will know in the future. . When I see Gracen I remember my own little girls ;-) !!!!! Have a wonderful 2014 year. Cheers from France ;-)

  2. As a mother to a toddler (20 months) and a teacher, your blog has been inspiring! I will surely implement and share many ideas that you have blogged about! Here is to many more adventures in 2014!!!!

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