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We were out and about this morning when Miss G told me that her ear was hurting.  I knew right away that something was wrong.  She was covering it, pressing it, wanting to be carried, and melting into my shoulder when I did so.  We headed home and I set her up with a cozy couch bed {the best!}, and a stack of storybooks while I prepared lunch.  After not eating anything, I laid her down in hopes of a nap, but no such luck.  She proceeded to get worse throughout the afternoon until I finally cancelled my tutoring for the day, gave her a dose of medicine, and set her up in our bed with a show on the iPad.  The poor little thing is sick so rarely that she was just sobbing uncontrollably and telling me that she was sad because ‘she didn’t want to be sick today’.  The medicine definitely kicked in and by the time Brad arrived home from work, she had perked up, but you could see that she was not well again at bedtime.  For now we’re doing warm ear compresses and lavender ear massages, plus filling her with as many fruits and veggies as we can.  I’ve also got some garlic infused oil on the go for tomorrow.  Let’s hope this passes by as quickly as it swept in.


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2 thoughts on “Earache

  1. OH, I hope she feels better soon. Ear pain is horrid. I recall as a child being at my Nana’s house and laying on a heating pad to relieve the pain. We had “turns” at her and Papa’s house every eight weeks and I was not giving up my turn just because my ear hurt so bad!

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