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Rainbow Play Dough Kit | Mama Papa Bubba

Grae and I absolutely love putting together fun play kits as gifts, especially when they involve sensory play materials.  While we’ve made a very simple homemade play dough kit previously, time around we decided to make the birthday boy a colourful kit filled with a rainbow of play dough and a bunch of fun tools and loose parts to up its play possibilities.

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The idea actually came about after Miss G and I ran into a brand new stock of Ikea’s GLIS boxes…  We’d purchased a couple a little while back knowing that they’d come in handy even though we really didn’t have a plan for them at the time {I blame my hoarding tendencies on Kuwait – hah}.  Sure enough, the idea of a rainbow play dough kit came along and one of our stowed away boxes had a purpose! ☺

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To go with our rainbow theme, we made 5 small batches of play dough – one red, one orange, one yellow, one green, and one blue.  We used our usual no-cook play dough recipe, but halved it and left out the Kool-Aid this time around.  {Obviously, this little kit could have any theme you wish and the play dough colours could be adapted to suit – ocean, Christmas, farm, Frozen, snow – the possibilities are endless!}

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After making our play dough, we filled the box with all of the rainbow coloured goodies we’d collected throughout the week…  Included were some small star-shaped silicon moulds, some large coloured craft sticks, a couple of fun cookie cutters, a set of flower-shaped silicon cupcake cases, some colourful straw pieces, a set of alphabet magnets, and some small colourful craft sticks.

IMG 5011

Before packaging it up to give, we placed the play dough in a big zip-close bag just to make sure it stayed fresh.

IMG 5012
Then we simply tied a piece of baker’s twine around it, added one of our favourite little mail tags, and it was done and ready to gift.


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