Spring Garden Play Dough Set

Spring Garden Play Dough Set | Mama Papa Bubba

Spring on the horizon means that it was finally time for us to say au revoir to the Christmas and winter play dough kits we’ve had around for months…  New season, new play dough sets  – that’s what they say, right?? ☺  

IMG 9325

While we’ve made a version of this spring garden play dough set several times in the past, Grae was extra excited this time around because of these new rainbow-coloured flowers we found at our local Ikea.  Aren’t they pretty?

IMG 9341

The moment we teamed them up with a few fresh batches of play dough and a couple of other things from around the house, she got to gardening and she’s gardened every day since.

IMG 9350

For all of the details, plus our awesome play dough recipe, pop on over to CBC Parents to see our Spring Garden Play Dough Set post.


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4 thoughts on “Spring Garden Play Dough Set

  1. I love your play dough kits & recipe- they’ve inspired me to make my own and my daughter loves them! Now I’ve decided to do play Dough in mason jars as the goodie bag for her birthday- since you are my all things play Dough guru, I was wondering if you’ve ever used jars? And if so, did the play dough stay moist? Thanks!!

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