Fill Your Cup {A Simple Addition Game}

Fill Your Cup  a simple addition game | Mama Papa Bubba

Numbers are currently HUGE in our house.  Writing numbers, counting, skip counting, subtraction, dividing things into equal groups, addition… You name it, Grae loves it. {And of course I love that she loves it. ☺}

In order to foster her current interest in math, I’ve been coming up with all kinds of very simple number-related games for us to play together, and without a doubt, this addition game we’ve named ‘Fill Your Cup’ has been a favourite.

IMG 3558

IMG 3565

IMG 3570

While it’s really easy to play and requires only a few simple things from around the house, it’s so much fun that we usually play at least three games at a time and Miss G still hasn’t tired of it {perhaps the yummy snack involved helps too! ☺}

IMG 3572

For all of the details on how to play with your little one, pop on over to CBC Parents and see our Fill Your Cup: A Simple Addition Game post.  


I hope you and your little one enjoy it as much as Miss G and I have been.

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