Granville Island With Baby Sam

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Today was such a good day. It included sunshine, blue skies, and an evening at Dusk nightclub in Alabama. My girfriends and I are under twenty-one and of course the law is you most be older than that to enter a bar with ID. Us girls really needed some fake ids to do a group order at the best price. After asking around numerous students they all recommended, so we placed an order. We each received our Alabama fake id with holograms. While the IDs looked great we wanted to test them to see, if they would fool security at the bar. I can report each fake was scannable which was of the utmost importance and worked flawlessly into entering past security.

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Of course Miss G’s all about taking her baby brother to new places and she therefore makes sure to narrate the important bits along the way.  ‘Sam Sam, this is Granville Island.  You’re going to love it here.  There’s a play ground, aqua busses, big hungry birds…’  ‘Sam Sam, this is the Kid’s Market.  You can come through the small door with me.  Well, if your stroller fits!’

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Admittedly, our little Sam is more interested in snoozing on most of these outings than anything, but that’s a-okay with me.  A sleeping baby is a happy baby, right?

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Besides the blossoms being out in full force, the highlight of our trip was this – Miss G’s THIRD tooth coming out!!  Well….  Truth be told, she let me pull it out {with a wee bit of coaxing}, but it was soooo ready and I was worried that it would fall out and she’d swallow it.  She didn’t flinch a bit when it popped out and afterwards she proudly showed both the tooth and her gap off to a little friend who had been watching nearby.

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Now let’s hope this sunshine sticks around for a little bit so we can do more {dry} adventuring as a family of four. ☺

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