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Season Sensory Bottles | Mama Papa Bubba

With Grae and Sam being 5 years apart in age, you’d think that they’d be into completely different things, but I’m actually realizing that there are many projects and activities that we can do and tweak just slightly so that both munchkins enjoy them.  These season sensory bottles are so much fun and definitely one of those projects that both kiddos got something out of.  {Not to mention that they look super pretty sitting on a playroom shelf or window sill.} 

IMG 1480

IMG 1485

While Miss G really enjoyed the process of researching the different seasons, brainstorming ideas for fillers, and actually assembling the bottles, our little Sam Jam seems to be the one that’s truly interested in them now that they’re complete.  He shakes them, bangs them around, and of course chews on them as best he can.  And being the dutiful big sister she is, Miss G takes any opportunity to tell him all about the seasons she can…  ‘Ooooh, you’ve got the winter bottle, Sam.  You see that, it’s soooo cold and snowy during winter.  And those?  Those are snowflakes….  They fall from the sky and none of them are the same, no…  They’re all they’re own shape!’


For all the details and instructions, pop over to CBC Parents and check out our A Magical Way to Explore the Seasons: Seasonal Sensory Bottles post.

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