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When Miss G was born full-term the day after my due date, making sure she met milestones reasonably ‘on time’ wasn’t something that was even on my radar… We simply trusted that she’d develop new skills as she was supposed to and celebrated them when they came along.  With Sam, our little preemie babe born 27 weeks into my pregnancy, it’s a different story… Thankfully he’s done remarkably well in his first year home from the NICU, but his development has been closely monitored every step of the way and I’m much more aware of what he’s supposed to be doing at each stage.  So when our baby boy developed a fascination with the hook-and-loop fasteners on Sister’s well-loved school sneakers, the first thing that popped into my mind?  ‘Ooooh – what awesome fine motor practice!’  Seriously, this is how my mama brain thinks now. {Also,  did you know that when we use the term “velcro”, we’re actually using a brand name to describe hook-and-loop-fasteners??  Me neither, but the team over at  VELCROⓇ Brand kindly let me know that it’s much like using the term “kleenex” to describe all tissues…  You learn something every day I guess!}

And then it went to how filthy the shoes were and how he really probably didn’t need any extra germs to fight off in the middle of his first cold and flu season out of quarantine.

IMG 7351

And that’s how this little board for exploring the ‘stickiness’ of hook-and-loop fasteners came about.

IMG 7355

My original idea was actually to create a sticky wall {yup – I honestly considering covering part of our playroom wall in hook-and-loop fasteners for a little bit}, but then I came to my senses and opted for something that could be hung on the wall if desired or played with on the floor as is.

IMG 7360

This little bamboo chopping board was the best score ever {found at the dollar store for $4!} and I knew that it would do the trick as soon as I saw it.

Just look at our little Sam Jam exploring his DIY sticky board…

IMG 7370

IMG 7371

IMG 7374

IMG 7376

Pretty pleased with himself, I’d say.

IMG 7391

For all of the details on this simple DIY project and how we’ve been using it, pop on over to CBC Parents and check out our Exploring Sticky With Hook-and-Loop-Fasteners and Household Objects post.  

IMG 7396

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3 thoughts on “Exploring Hook-and-Loop Fasteners

  1. Cute as! I’ve got those very finger puppets AND pop sticks so I could turn them into little puppets for someone. My daughter it 5 now so probably doesn’t need them …

  2. How old is Sam at this stage? I have a 5 month old baby boy, my first :), who is afraid of the sound of velcro and thought that maybe this could help introduce it to him and help ease that fear. Thanks!

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