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DUPLO Wash Sensory Bin | Mama Papa Bubba

Oh, how we love LEGO and DUPLO in this house!  LEGO bricks and sets to add to our collection have pretty much been permanently stationed on Miss G’s wish list since she was 3 and now that Sam’s really taken a liking to DUPLO, I think we’ll have to work on expanding that collection too.  He loves making towers, pulling the bricks apart, and banging them together to make music at the moment, and today we added washing them with a DUPLO wash sensory bin to the list.  

We regularly take DUPLO bricks into the bath tub with us and both kiddos love baby doll bath bins, so why not combine the two in order to make a DUPLO wash sensory bin, right?

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The set-up couldn’t be any easier…  All you need is a large drop cloth (we have a few outdoor table cloths we use) or bath towel, a big shallow sensory bin, some DUPLO bricks, and a squeeze of your favourite baby wash or dish soap.  {Side note: if you use a natural baby wash on your bub, there’s a good chance it won’t produce suds.  We tried our Burt’s Bees Baby Wash first, but quickly resorted to a squirt of dish soap to get some actual bubbles happening.} We also added a dish scrubbing brush and a washcloth for fun, but neither are absolutely necessary.

IMG 9832

That’s it!  Then let your little one loose and see what he or she does.

IMG 9814

Sam loved exploring his sensory bin and very purposefully poked at the bubbles and swished his hands through the water to create movement and sound {as the DUPLO bricks collided with one another and the bin}, but his very favourite, without a doubt, was the scrubber brush.

IMG 9833

For the most part, the water stayed in the bin, on our plastic table cloth, or in Sam’s hair (hah!), and what didn’t was a cinch to clean up.  It was just soapy water, after all!

IMG 9839

I love, love, love that Sam’s now fully ready to embrace sensory bins and I can’t wait to explore some of the bins Miss G enjoyed with him, as well as create some brand new ones!

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