Easy DIY Coconut Oat Milk Bath

Easy DIY Coconut Oat Milk Bath | Mama Papa Bubba

Oh how I love this DIY coconut oat milk bath…  It’s so soothing and gentle and believe it or not, it doubles as a cleanser, so no soap required!  We use it daily, but it’s our go-to solution for diaper rashes, dry itchy skin, and eczema flare ups too.

We’ve used all natural bath and body products since Miss G was born, but when we finally got to bring Sam home from the NICU, I went in search of the gentlest, most natural possible cleanser and moisturizer for his super sensitive preemie skin.  What a bunch of internet research brought me to was milk baths – usually some form of powdered milk combined with oats – plus sometimes some essential oils, bath salts, flowers, buds, baking soda, or other add-ins.

At the time, I was more than overwhelmed with our NICU to home transition, so I opted to purchase the simplest locally made milk baths, usually made of just powdered coconut milk and colloidal oats {which is just whole oat kernels that have finely milled in order to make them easily dissolvable in water} via Etsy and local artisan markets – and that’s what I did for a good while.  We quickly fell in love with how gentle, soothing, and moisturizing it was, and before long, Sam, Grae, and I were using it nightly.  When things at home began to settle a little bit, I realized between the amount of coconut oat milk bath we were using and the cost of the ones I was buying, I should really look into making my own at home, and I haven’t looked back since.  It really couldn’t be easier, the finished product is just as lovely, and it works out to cost approximately half {or less} of what I was paying previously. Win.

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Here are the two ingredients you’ll need to make your own coconut oat milk bath at home…  Coconut milk powder and colloidal oatmeal, both of which are readily available online.  Coconut milk powder is also readily available in stores and in a pinch you can replace the colloidal oatmeal with old-fashioned oats that you’ve blitzed into a fine powder in a blender or food processor, but there’s debate around whether or not ground oats are as high in active molecules such as beta glucan, antioxidants and lipids. {If you’re interested, this article contains some interesting information: What Makes Colloidal Oatmeal Colloidal.}  Personally I just buy the colloidal oatmeal.

These are the exact ingredients I buy from amazon.com (as we have a US mailbox we ship to):

Healthworks Organic Coconut Milk Powder

Colloidal Oatmeal by Molly’s Products or Colloidal Oatmeal by Traverse Bay Bath & Body


I’ve not personally ordered these equivalent ingredients from amazon.ca just yet, and as my fellow Canadians probably know, amazon.ca does not have the selection nor the prices that amazon.com does, but if I were looking for an online source that shipped to Canada, these are the ones I’d probably buy:

Ecoideas Coco Natural Organic Coconut Milk Powder

Yogi Colloidal Oatmeal Powder


I’m by no means a wellness expert or even an expert on either ingredient, but colloidal oatmeal is known to reduce skin inflammation, soothe itchiness, replenish skin oils, moisturize, cleanse (thanks to saponins) and have anti-oxidant properties.  And coconut milk?  It contains saturated fatty acids and is packed with B vitamins and vitamins E and C .  It’s also known to moisturize, soothe itchiness, and have antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.  Sounds like a pretty amazing combination for skin, doesn’t it?

Alright, want to see just how easy this coconut milk bath is to make?  Here’s how I do it if I’m making it for someone as a gift:

IMG 3279

First, measure equal parts coconut milk powder and colloidal oatmeal into a stand mixer or large bowl if using a whisk or hand mixer.  {I have this  KitchenAid stand mixer {CAN} and love it.}

Side note: I used to use 1 part coconut milk powder to 2 parts colloidal oatmeal, but I love the creaminess that the coconut milk powder gives the bath water, so I upped it to equal parts.  Play around with the measurements and find the ratio you like best. 

IMG 3283

Next, mix it like crazy.  I usually start slow to break up some of the bigger chunks and then pop my pouring shield on {and often a clean tea towel over the top too} and crank up the speed and let it run for a good couple of minutes.

IMG 3284

After a couple of minutes you should have a super well blended, uniform powder and believe it or not, your DIY coconut oat milk bath is done.  Truly.  It’s that easy.

IMG 3288

Now if you want to gift this to a friend or just make it pretty for your own bathroom, here’s what you’ll need:

IMG 3289

First off, scoop your milk bath into your glass jar.

IMG 3291

Isn’t it pretty?

IMG 3294

It has the most subtle, lovely smell too.

IMG 3295

Next, print out our printable labels onto your card stock.  {I’ve included several different sizes so you can pick the one that best suits the size of your jar.}

IMG 3296

Can we just pause here for a moment for a little real life break?  This is what taking blog photos looks like when your little one wakes up early from his nap. {Must. touch. everything.}

IMG 3300

Alright, back to it.  Cut out your card stock label, place a piece of clear contact paper or clear masking tape that’s slightly larger right on top of the label, and then adhere it to your jar.

IMG 3304

Finish things off by using twine to tie your scoop on the side of the jar.

IMG 3306

Another zoomed out visual just for fun…  Me on one side of the coffee table taking photos, Sam on the other side play trucks.  Hah!

IMG 3310

And that’s it!  Pop your lid on the jar and keep it on a bathroom shelf or gift it to a friend.

And if you’re just making it for yourself at home?  While the mixer method is lovely and creates a really evenly textured milk bath, the truth is that when I’m mixing up a batch for us to use at home, I most often just put equal parts of each ingredient into a big mason jar, put on the lid, and then shake it up.  It’s definitely a bit more clumpy / less polished looking, but it works just the same and takes one minute to make!

IMG 3325

To use it, add a generous scoop to your tub under warm running water.  Squish the water around with your hand to break up any little bits that might be present.  When bathing a little one, the milk bath is really all you need – no need for soap.  Just use a soft wash cloth and the milk bath water to wash.  No need to rinse either – just pat dry gently. And if by chance your bub swallows some of the bath water, there’s nothing to worry about as the milk bath is really just made from food ingredients.

Easy DIY Coconut Oat Milk Bath | Mama Papa Bubba

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  1. I looove this!! I use the same in my bath! I’ve combined oat flour (same as the colloidal oat) & coconut milk powder and it’s such a perfect combo. Love your decorative jar and scoop!

  2. Love this idea and I’m interested in making some of my own! When you say to add a generous scoop to your bath, about how much is that? Also, if you’re adding essential oils, about how much would you add in? Thanks!

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