11 Weeks Old ~77 days old

After a tough week, our little peanut is back to acting more like her usual…

On the Mend ~76 days old

Looking much better today.

Sick Little Doodle ~75 days old

Just when she’s getting through the pain and fever that accompanies vaccinations, Baby G gets…

I Ain’t No Dummy! ~74 days old

Gracen checking out the company during our weekend of child first aid and CPR training.…

Thanksgiving at the Dunes ~73 days old

Grae at our annual North American Thanksgiving celebration… Still not herself after yesterday’s shots, but…

Owie! ~72 days old

Our little champ. Feverish, achy, and a little wimpery, but who wouldn’t be after having…

Too Tired for Tummy Time ~71 days old

‘I’m really trying, but this is tough work and I am a sleepy girl…’

Tired and Naked :) ~71 days old

‘Pleeeeeease…. No more pictures. I’m tired.’

10 Weeks Old Today ~70 days old

One freshly bathed, yummy smelling, tired little girl.

Baby Boo ~69 days old

What a great way to start the day.

First Halloween ~68 days old

Our pretty little pumpkin.

Pretty Girl ~68 days old

Pretty girl pose.

Polka Dot Princess ~68 days old

First Tooth Bud? ~67 days old

Baby G is a pretty happy little girl, however that’s not so much the case…

A Lazy Saturday… ~67 days old

Reading morning stories with Mama.

Gremlin Girl ~66 days old

Look at that little gremlin expression.

Funny Face Grace ~65 days old

Miss Grae has really begun to show her little personality…

Daddy’s Princess ~64 days old

Daddy’s little princess.

9 Weeks Old Today ~63 days old

Today Mommy took over 80 photos of this little jailbird… And we didn’t even leave…

Baby Blue ~62 days old

A beauty in blue. :)