Paris Bound ~116 days old

Gracen’s bags are by the door and she’s got her city guide and passport in…

Oops ~115 days old

Embarrassing enough without further explanation…

Our Angel ~114 days old

A little photo shoot aimed towards getting a perfect picture for Gracen’s first Christmas ornament…

A Day in the Life of Gracen ~113 days old

Morning nakedness.

16 Weeks Old Today ~112 days old

Grae recently begun sleeping through her early morning feeding and now goes to bed at…

Gracen Tells Stories ~111 days old

Baby Grae telling happy little stories as usual.

Hands ~111 days old

Gracen found her hands long ago, and has always enjoyed sucking on them, but recently…

Gracen Girl ~110 days old

A little look at our smiley, chit chatty, bubble blowing girl. Watch her hand. Her…

Baby G’s Tricks ~110 days old

Gracen telling stories as usual. Her favourite time to tell stories though of course is…

Santa Visits Kuwait! ~109 days old

Grae and Mama.

Kuwait Christmas Tree ~108 days old

Gracen’s first true encounter with a Christmas tree happened tonight at the Movenpick’s tree lighting…

Pretty in Pink PJs ~108 days old

Grae loves the weekends when her Daddy is at home to spoil her with his…

First Christmas Party ~107 days old

Our drooly, cheeky little munchkin, home after a lovely time at the party.

Stripes ~106 days old

Our little doodlebug hanging out in her stripey jammies.

15 Weeks Old ~105 days old

Today was a fashion show sort of day in our house… Grae’s not so sure…

Aquagirl ~104 days old

Our chubby-cheeked little munchkin.

Nearly Naked ~103 days old

‘Ah, this is kind of cozy…’

Just a Usual Saturday ~102 days old

Gracen lounging about and being cute.

Gracen Giggles! ~101 days old

Our sweet girl’s first giggle – her first TRUE giggle – happened yesterday, just after…

Daddy’s Girl ~101 days old

Guess who picked this outfit?