Mini Fashionista

IMG 4353Miss G definitely has opinions and preferences when it comes to things she wears. Today she put together this little outfit with some of her new favourite things from last week’s Christmas celebration.  She loves her Tippyknits wool scarf and rubs her face on it while announcing how “pretty, pretty, pretty” it is.  The quilted pink sweater is from her Grandma Sue and she won’t let you forget that.  While wearing it, she constantly points to her sleeve while saying, “Manmaw” (grandma) and nodding her head very matter of factly. The green bag is made of recycled chocolate milk tetra packs and she adores it.  She fills it up with whichever goodies are in need of being totted around and wears it on her elbow like a designer purse.  Throw in a crocheted hat, her party shoes, and a giant carrot, and you’ve got an outfit!  Strangely, it kind of works.  You go, Grae.

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