An Afternoon Downtown

There’s something wonderful about downtown Vancouver on a sunshiny day.  The crowds seem more laid-back, the people are friendlier, and the sidewalks are lined with performers, artists, and vendors, making it perfectly okay to saunter along leisurely.  So, with yet another gorgeous Vancouver day upon us, Gracen and I packed up our stroller, jumped on the Canada Line, and made our way downtown.  Despite Grae’s surprisely long 3 hour nap, we were lucky enough to make it in time to spend most of Bradley’s lunch hour with him.  We walked along the sidewalks, sat on the art gallery steps, watched an amazing percussion group, and visited Grae’s favourite place – the kids’ section of Chapters.IMG 0264

IMG 0274IMG 0282IMG 0284IMG 0289IMG 0294Gracen enjoyed every minute and was such a little gem all afternoon that we ended up pushing it a little late, eating dinner on the train, skipping bath time, and arriving home to read a couple of stories and crawl into bed.  ♥

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