I am so, so lucky to have a wee one that loves being outdoors as much as I do.  We spent our morning at Granville Island playing on playgrounds, watching birds and boats, strolling the seawall, and taking in live performances, then came home just long enough for a nap, and headed right back out the door.  Our afternoon adventure took us down to Jericho Beach, where we played in the sand, dipped our toes in the ocean, and collected ocean treasures.

IMG 2577Captain Grae.

IMG 2578Water collection.

IMG 2583Cruisin’ around the water park (can’t wait ’til it opens!)

IMG 2587

Running with the birds.

IMG 2593Paddle boarders passing by.

IMG 2602Unicycle excitement.  (Grae was more interested in the rocks.)

IMG 2574

Tuckered out.

IMG 2606First visit to Jericho Beach.

IMG 2608Sand scooping.

IMG 2613Collecting.

IMG 2625“Gifts” for Mama.

And at the end of the day, after a healthy dose of vitamin D, we reluctantly headed home, hoping for another sunshiny day outdoors again tomorrow.

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