Apology Aid

First a little bit of background on our laundry “system” when it comes to Grae’s clothes…  I put the clean clothes on hangers, and as I do, Gracen transfers them to her bedroom and hangs them on her crib railing.  Once I’m ready to hang them in the closet, she takes them off the crib railing and hands them to me one. at. a. time.  (Good practice in patience for this get-things-done Mama.)

Tonight, as we’re doing the transfer from crib to closet, a tank top falls off the hanger and onto the floor. I scoop it up, rehang it, and pop it in the closet instead of giving it back to my very serious little helper…

Gracen:  Oopsie-day-so, Mama!  On crib. No in closet. 

Mama: Oopsies! I should have guessed that.

Gracen: (giving me an understanding nod and coaching me through my next line of action) Sorry, Grae Grae. Sorry.

2 thoughts on “Apology Aid

  1. Love the bit about practicing patience, Ialwayshave the most fun with my daughter when i take the time to slow down and get her involved with everyday tasks :)

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