Small Style {8}

Autumn has made its way to Vancouver, and scarves, tights, and boots have made their way way into our wardrobes… Not to mention itty bitty ballet outfits.  Goodness gracious,  I love this time of year.

IMG 8608Sunnies: Joe / Heart long sleeve: Baby Gap / Purple belt: H&M / Denim skinnies: Levi’s / Glittered Flats: Payless

IMG 6077Sunnies: Joe / Denim shirt: Joe / Pink dragonfly leggings:   / Multicoloured sandals: Joe

IMG 9565Sunnies: Joe / Flower scarf: Handmade by a friend / Bodysuit: Capezio  /  Red tutu skirt: Baby Gap / Black leggings: H&M / Glittered flats: Payless

IMG 0189Striped jersey blazer: Target / Bodysuit: Capezio  Black leggings: H&M / Glittered flats: Payless

IMG 6150Scarf: H&M (stolen from Mama’s closet) / White sweater: Ralph Lauren / Blue leggings: Joe / Glittered flats: Payless

IMG 9998Floral sunnies: Joe / Bodysuit: Capezio  / Classic-style tutu: Handmade by Mama / Striped leggings: Baby Gap / Glittered flats: Payless 

IMG 6077Hat:  Gertex / Knitted tube scarf: Tippyknits (handmade here in Vancouver!) / Pink hoodie: Joe / Striped leggings: Baby Gap / Gumboots: SportTek

IMG 9565Floral sunnies: Joe / Chambray dress: Joe / Tights: H&M / Boots: Joe

IMG 8552Heart long sleeve: Baby Gap / Skinny jeans: H&M / Gold woven belt: H&M (stolen from Mama’s closet because “Gold hearts, gold bet… It matches!” – obviously ☺) / Glittered flats: Payless

IMG 9974Flower scarf: Handmade by a friend / Striped baby doll dress: Old Navy / Tights: Baby Gap / Boots: Joe

IMG 0027Quilted jacket: Baby Gap / Poppy print long sleeve: Old Navy / Denim skinnies: Levi’s / Boots: Joe

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11 thoughts on “Small Style {8}

  1. I’m not usually a fan of fashion. However, fall usually gets me oohing and ahhing. I love the greens, purples, and browns. I love scarves and jackets.

    She is definitely a cutie! Just curious, does she pick her clothing out? If she does when did she start?

    1. I love fall for those reasons too… There’s just something about a great jacket and a coordinating scarf. :)

      Yes, G does pick out her own clothes. I wrote a little bit about our ‘clothes picking process’ in this post – I’m not sure if I remember exactly when she started picking out her own clothes, but I’d say around 18 months if I remember correctly? Now she picks out her own clothes, puts them on on her own (sometimes she still needs a bit of help with tricky shirts and buttons), and then takes them off at the end of the day too. :)

      1. She does a great job! I remember when I was 6 I went through a purple rain boot phase, I just had to wear them with everything! For 6 months haha.

        G is more fashion forward than I am now!

        1. Hahaha – Grae had a gumboot phase too! Luckily she’s easy to reason with and when we tell her that gumboots are for rainy days, she happily chooses something else. Her silver sparkly shoes, however, are a different story! :)

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