Pumpkin Seed Sorting

Pumpkin Seed Sorting Tray

This little activity just came about organically.  Gracen and I were scooping out the insides of a pumpkin and she began collecting all of the seeds and carefully placing them in a neat pile off to the side.

IMG 1515

A couple of bowls, some “tools”, and a tray later, and she had herself her very own sorting station.

IMG 1519

Though she could have collected the seeds much more quickly using her hands, she really liked the challenge of getting underneath the slippery little seeds and scooping them up into her spoons.  Great sensory play and fine motor skill development all in one {totally unplanned} activity? Yes please.

IMG 1521

She even took the fun one step further and sampled a raw, goop-covered seed.  She slowly nodded her head and said, “Mmmmm… Yummy”, but her little scrunched nose and furrowed brow told me she felt otherwise. ☺

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  2. How lovely! We had a spaghetti squash that I was hoping my preschooler would explore with me, but he is so weird about certain sensory stuff. He did not like how slimy it was, but he was interested in the seeds, so I had to put them in a bowl with water and then he loved swirling them around with a toothbrush and adding food coloring to see if the seeds would change color or not. (They did not).

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