Painter’s Tape Roadway

Painter s Tape RoadwayThis afternoon as Gracen and I were working on our ribbon wand project, Miss G asked for a “biiiiiiiiiig” piece of painter’s tape.  I obliged and asked her what she was going to do with it.  Her response was, “Stick it on da floor”.  Bright idea, my girl.  

IMG 2987I’m not quite sure how it all happened, but before long, we were both sitting on the floor ripping off pieces of tape and creating this little indoor roadway.

IMG 2934As I snipped pieces of tape in half lengthwise and begun adding our lanes, Miss G gathered up her car and tractors.

IMG 2920She started driving her vehicles around on it as soon as she could and we even had a few “races” {and collisions}. 

IMG 2985This is such a simple {and inexpensive idea}, yet it brings hours of fun and endless possibilities.  Brad came home from work and immediately commented on our dead ends, so there may revamp in our near future. 

IMG 2936Of course, when it’s not being used as a roadway for cars, it can aways be used as a roadway for people.  ☺

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