A Surprise Package

IMG 6467IMG 6472IMG 6469IMG 6473IMG 6475Is there anything more fun than receiving a surprise package with your name on it?  Probably not.  

This morning Miss G woke up to a great big box from her Manmaw Sue and it was like she had won the lottery.  While some kids her age might tear through the package, throwing opened items aside to make way for new ones, this girl does not.  She carefully unfolds the paper around an item, takes a moment to figure out what it is and what it does, and then sets it aside before carefully selecting the next. I love that about her.  She genuinely appreciates each item.  Glitter? Amazing!  Shiny eggs? Awesome.  Stickers? Even better!  Everything is special.

And she didn’t waste any time putting her new Easter supplies to good use, either.  We took out a big bin, added some of our homemade coloured rice and a few of her new Easter goodies, and she instantly had a scooping/dumping/egg shaker making station.  

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