Trimble Park

IMG 6486While we have many favourite playgrounds around Vancouver (like this one, this one, this one, and this one), both Gracen and I love discovering new ones to add to our list.  Especially since come spring, we spend most mornings out at a park or playground of some sort.  

So after a quick peek around the web, the three of us (yay for weekends!) packed up some lunch and headed out to West Point Grey Park, which was spoken of very highly by fellow Vancouver parents.  

IMG 6487Upon arriving, I realized that although the park was new to us, I’d been there countless times before with the children I nannied throughout my university (and beginning teaching) days.  I guess I should have made the realization based on the area and park address, but whole ‘West Point Grey Park’ title threw me off.  I, and everyone I’ve ever heard speak of the park, have always called it Trimble Park.  Who knew its actual name was something different?!  

IMG 6486Name confusion aside, this park was a lot of fun back in the day, and is even better due to some recent (or at least semi-recent) additions.  

IMG 6503Included are three separate play structures (2 big ones and a teeny tiny one for very little ones), 6 slides, 2 sets of swings (baby, toddler, and regular included), a tire swing, hanging bars, a teeter-totter, and lots of space for playing in the sand and rocks.

IMG 6492IMG 6494A fun addition since my last visit is this rock climbing wall.  Though still needing a tiny bit of assistance, Gracen loved climbing up and liked hanging out on top with all of the big kids even more.

IMG 6499The other thing I love about this park is the natural play areas.  This little cove of trees was a favourite of the kids I nannied, and Grae loves it too.  She’s hiding here.  Can’t you tell?

IMG 6502To top it all off, the park has basketball courts, soccer fields, and baseball diamonds, plus public washrooms (warm water and soap included!)

Another great park to add to our favourites list.  ☺


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