Beacon Hill Park Playground

We are so, so lucky to have such a great place to stay while here in Victoria.  Brad’s cousin, “Auntie ‘Cole”, generously offered to let us stay in her apartment while she was out of town (thanks Nicole!) and the location couldn’t be more perfect.  We’re directly across from Beacon Hill Park, which is amazing in itself, and we’re also an easy walk to downtown.  Since we arrived a couple of days ago, we’ve barely used our vehicle at all.

One of Grae’s favourites, and a spot we’ve visited multiple times already, is the playground in Beacon Hill Park. As I’ve mentioned before, Gracen and I love checking out new parks and playgrounds, and this one definitely gets the ‘Gracen seal of approval’.  

IMG 6904IMG 6934IMG 6896IMG 6932IMG 6935The slides, climbing structures, and bouncing bridge are all favourites, as is the red car/truck/fire engine and the usual swings.  

IMG 6904But what really makes this park a hit for Miss G is its two big, blue “microphones”.  Our little lady’s become quite the singer recently and can most often be found belting out Adele, Alicia Keys, Fun, and Taylor Swift songs into a makeshift microphone of some sort.  Make it GIANT and echoey, and it’s even better.

IMG 6931IMG 6924The other lovely thing about this playground is because it’s located within Beacon Hill Park, there’s tons of cool stuff around it too… flowers to smell, ducks to watch, and trees to climb all included.  ☺


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