Frog Pond Bath

Frog Pond Bath | Mama Papa BubbaOne thing I love surprising Grae with is a fun, playful baths before bedtime.  While sometimes that means simply giving her a little container of epsom salts to sprinkle into her tub or putting a couple of drops of food colouring into the water, and other times it means something a little more elaborate (some of our favourites are glow-in-the-dark baths, balloon baths, and ocean-themed baths).  This one, inspired by a frog pond sensory bin I put together for a messy play date we hosted, converted her bathtub into a lovely frog habitat.   

IMG 9807With the water tinted blue with a few drops of food colouring, I added in some blue and green flat glass beads we keep on hand for sensory play, as well as some {well washed} driftwood pieces collected from the beach.

IMG 9805Next, using a large sheet of green craft foam, I cut out several lily pads to float on the surface.  While I kept some plain, I added water lily-ish faux flowers to others with a dab of hot glue.

IMG 9820The final addition was these cute stretchy frogs I found at the dollar store.  While we have another set of harder ones, I particularly like these because they float and can be stuck to the bath tub walls and tiles.

IMG 9817Gracen absolutely adored this bath and had great fun seeing how many frogs she could balance on a lily pad at once. 

IMG 9804After the bath was done, we simply scooped everything up and put it into an empty plastic bin to dry out.  The best part is that next time we’re in need of a sensory bin, all we’ll have to do is add water!


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2 thoughts on “Frog Pond Bath

  1. Oh my goodness! What fun!! I thought it was a sensory bin when I saw the feature photo. A bath! I want to take a bath like that!! Seriously! What a gorgeous activity, Jen. Pinning and sharing!

  2. Hello, I really love your blog and love the way you create a lot of different baths for your kids. I was wondering if you could read my blog and tell me what you think seeing as I have just joined wordpress and am still figuring out how to use the website. At the moment your blog is the only blog i am following but I am trying to find more, like yours or to do with photography, horse riding or runnning.

    Thank you, would really appreciate it.

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