A Homemade Name Stamp

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As suspected, Miss G is enjoying her 6-in-1 shape stamp so much that we decided to make another homemade stamp, this time focusing on the letters of her name.

IMG 1419

Similarly to last time, Gracen selected the colours and told me the letters of her name while I drew them free hand onto foam squares.  If you wanted to skip having to draw the letters yourself, you could create tracers using a favourite font on the computer, or better yet, use those sticky pre-cut foam letters (the only trouble is that they normally come as all uppercase letters, and if you’re like me, you’ll want to have a capitalized first letter with the rest being lowercase).

IMG 1601

After carefully cutting out our foam letters, Miss G and I used craft glue to adhere a letter onto each side of a wooden block. Keep in mind that in order to be the correct direction when stamped, the letters will have to be backwards on the block {which is actually perfect because it means your pen marks won’t show!}  We lucked out here because ‘Gracen’ has 6 letters, but you could always use two blocks if needed, or leave a couple of sides of the block blank.

Homemade Name Stamp

After letting her brand new stamp dry overnight, Gracen fetched a piece of blank paper and her favourite purple stamp pad, and got to work.  I wasn’t sure if she’d just stamp letters all over her page, or she’d attempt stamping out her name, but as soon as she picked up the block, she began searching for the ‘G’.

IMG 1604

She dunked it into the ink a few times then purposely pressed it down onto the left side of her paper.

IMG 1608

Searching for the next needed letter proved to be a lot of fun, and what was even better was the fact that when she found the letter she was looking for, it was backwards!  How silly!

IMG 1617

The stamped letters turned out beautifully (even better than the shapes, I’d say), and Miss G was just pleased as punch with her completed name.  The moment she finished pressing down that ‘n’, she said, ‘Okay, now I’m going to do another name right underneath this one… Watch, Mama!’

IMG 1618This was such a fun project that I can’t see us not adding another homemade stamp to our collection very soon.  What it will be is still a mystery I guess… I’ll have to ask Miss G!

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