A Walk Along the Gulf…

After giving birth in Canada and returning to Kuwait with a 20 day old baby girl, I was very lucky to find myself in the company of 4 friends / fellow teachers who were also brand new moms {or very soon-to-be}.  All living in the same school-provided apartments was a huge blessing as a freshly minted mama {and a stay-at-home one at that} and the ladies and babes that Miss G and I spent our days with very quickly became like a second family.  Throughout the year, us mamas took turns hosting brunches, housing baby play dates, and organizing fun outings for us all to enjoy.  One of our weekly staples was a walk along the Arabian Gulf with a pitstop at Starbucks before heading back the opposite way again.  Comprised of saltwater air, sunshine, a palm-lined path, and a promise of a midpoint coffee, it was always a favourite outing of mine.

Fast forward three years.

Though {sadly} no longer snuggled up in a wrap and accompanied by a posse of adorable baby friends, today Grae and I did our favourite walk once again for the first time since being back in Kuwait.  It was a little too hot for comfort, but we parked in the shade of a tree at the sea club like we always do, made our way along the gulf, cooled down with some a/c and a cold drink, and even popped by Al-Kout to watch the dancing fountains before heading back.

Grae’s new fascinations now include magenta trash bins, searching for squirrels in the bushes along the water {sorry kid, not gonna happen!}, the roughness of palm trunks, and echo of the call to prayer.  Here’s our morning in photos…

IMG 1180

IMG 1184

IMG 1196

IMG 1197

IMG 1200

IMG 1203

IMG 1207

IMG 1210

IMG 1223

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3 thoughts on “A Walk Along the Gulf…

  1. Pictures are gorges. I would like to be somewhere sunny and warm apart of England write now!:) I never asked you, why you returned to Kuwait? If it very personal, fell free not to answer!:)

  2. Jen, this is like a little trip down memory lane for me! I miss being a part of those walks, and I’d love to see all of our almost-preschoolers walking themselves down that path together…how cute would that be?! Feels like a Kuwait reunion is in order, this time with a fresh crop of mamas and babes to join in ;)

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