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Snowman Building Creative Table | Mama Papa Bubba

Last year’s Christmas tree decorating creative table just may be Gracen’s most talked about activity of all time.  She’s literally talked about it multiple times each month for a year straight now.  I’m not sure what has made that particular activity so loved, but we’ll definitely be doing it again this year.  In the meantime, I decided we’d try something similar, but not exactly the same…  This time, a snowman building creative table!

IMG 3496

While Grae had a rest and some quiet play time this afternoon, I cut out some white card stock circles and gathered up some decorating goodies.

IMG 3501

Included in the set-up were some buttons, beads, twigs, orange felt triangles, foam circles, sequins, googly eyes, and felt strips with the ends snipped so they looked like scarves.

IMG 3504

After she’d cleaned up her room from quiet play time, my little lady quickly discovered her new creating station.

IMG 3510

After gluing 3 circles together, she began decorating her snow girl and added a couple of markers to her collection of supplies.  {I love this photo because it shows her full outfit.  Clearly she’d just finished with dress-up. ☺}

IMG 3512

At this point, she declared her first snow girl finished…

IMG 3515

Until she realized that she needed a hat!  She retrieved some black card stock and requested that I cut out some ‘tall hats’, because ‘snowmans need hats, you know.’

IMG 3519

Here are the two creations she finished today…  The one on the left is Gracie, and the one on the right is Jennifer.  ☺

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