There’s nothing like a few years in Kuwait to make you truly appreciate Canada.  I could easily fill several pages with all of things I’m extremely grateful for here at home, but nature is, without a doubt, near the top of my list.  Being able to enjoy spending time outdoors…  Mountainsides covered in trees…  Green grass.  Wide open spaces.  Wildflowers growing in ditches.  Fields of corn.  Kids running in backyards…  Sometimes it’s all a little overwhelming.  And the sad part is that until we moved to the Middle East 7 years ago, it was all too easy to just take it for granted.  Thankfully, Gracen seems to truly understand the beauty that is where we call home.  Several times during our summer vacation she’s paused while out on a walk, taken a long, slow breath in, and in an airy voice said, ‘Ahhh… This air just smells so amazing.’ She often comments on how beautiful leaves and flowers and trees are, and more often than not has a very special rock or stick in her hand. My hope is that she continues to see the beauty around her {even if it means she continues to hug and kiss grass, trees, and other things while outdoors – not joking}, and I’m going to do the same {the being appreciative part – not the kissing grass part}.

So even though I’ve taken and shared a gazillion photos of our outdoor adventures already, here are a few more – simply because they’re too good to pass up.  Another day on the farm, but this time with a friend…

IMG 1077

IMG 1082

IMG 1089

IMG 1100

IMG 1106

IMG 1112

IMG 1120

IMG 1128

IMG 1141

IMG 1139

IMG 1142

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