Cupcake Liner Poppies

Remembrance Day Cupcake Liner Poppies | Mama Papa Bubba

With Halloween behind us, Miss G and I removed the spider wreath from our door this morning and replaced it with the beautiful poppy-covered one she made last year in honour of Remembrance Day.  We also set out a very simple bouquet of cupcake liner poppies that were inspired by the ones on our wreath.

IMG 5132

Using cupcake liners to create flowers has become a favourite technique of ours recently, and I think our poppies turned out just beautifully again this year.  Grae made 5 in total and then carefully arranged them in a tall glass vase afterwards.

IMG 5135

The bouquet now proudly sits in the centre of our long white table and though Miss G may not know all they stand for just yet, we certainly do.  And for that, we’re grateful.

For detailed instructions on how to make a Remembrance Day bouquet of your own, pop on over to CBC Parents to see our Cupcake Liner Poppy Bouquet post.


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One thought on “Cupcake Liner Poppies

  1. Hi Jen,
    Lovely idea! Have you talked to Gracen about the significance of Rememberance Day? My daughter is the same age and I’m not sure how to explain it to her, any suggestions?

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